Malleable Space

Charged with the task of developing a contemporary villa architype, these 3 models represent the theory of malleable space.  Each model represent a moment in time of a continuously transforming space -- a single occupant pod for living.  Situated in the north Atlantic Ocean, the pod's envelope reconfigures in response to program, structure, and environmental concerns.  When the pod encounters rough water, it closes up and protects the inhabitant.  As the seas calm, the envelop gradually opens.  This malleable architecture questions the conventional space planning phase of design where functions are separated into multiple rooms forever dedicated to a single purpose -- bath, kitchen, bedroom, living...  In these pods, you don't change spaces to perform different function, the space changes in response to your function creating a reciprocal relationship between the occupant and the envelope.

These scale models are constructed from the same geometric principles researched in the malleable foam research project.