Malleable Bath

toilet | urinal | sink | shower | bath

Typically in designing a residence, flexibility in design is limited to certain irreducible factors.  A minimum bathroom is 5' X 7'.  This bathroom contains a shower or bath, a toilet, and a sink -- all with their individual dimensions and functions.  By addressing the typology of bathroom, both function and flexibility have a direct relationship with the human body.  When each of these specific porcelain objects are viewed topologically, we can see each is composed of a water supply and a water return.  Beyond these elements, the specifics of dimension are dictated by (1) the function, and (2) general human proportions and dimensions.

Removed from the restrictions of a 5'X7' bath, we consolidated all wet functions into a single malleable space.  This space is comprised of a water supply, water return, and a silicone surface that configures itself in response, not only to general human dimensions, but to the specifics to the occupant's body.