Janus - Preview Trailer

Introducing - the preview trailer of an ongoing experimental collaboration between Brandon Clifford, Federico Gardella (composition), CEMEX Global R&D (materials), Simone Conforti (sound design), and Sean Gullette (story). Custom typography by Johanna Lobdell.

This trailer, titled 'Janus' is the first chapter of the eponymous sculptural performance collaborative project. The film introduces the characters and elements that will act out in the work which will be presented in Spring 2018. In Janus, concrete characters perform in concert with water to unleash a sound piece. The work explores the productive tension between anticipation and experience through the production of an object and through the re-elaborartion of sound.

'Janus Trailer' is now on exhibit at the American Academy in Rome in the exhibition 'CINQUE MOSTRE 2018: The Tesseract'. Opening February 14, 2018. MORE TO COME SOON!