Cumulus - Soft Launch


Matter Design is excited to announce the soft launch of our first line of jewelry titled Cumulus.

We have been working on this extensive line of rings, cufflinks, and other items for about a year and are happy to release this passion of ours to the public. This soft launch contains many of the current ring and cufflink designs. While we have received incredible responses from our physical prototypes, we would love to hear what you think. For the limited time of this soft launch, we are offering all of the current designs directly from our manufacturer (they will make the products to order and ship directly to you) allowing us a better understanding of which designs are most prone to stock ourselves, as well as promote to retail locations. We thank you for your help and for this reason we have aggressively priced these items to reward early adopters. We are very proud of these designs and we hope you enjoy them as well.

To see the full array of designs and pur­chase your own Cumu­lus, please visit our online shop. If you are interested to carry Cumu­lus in your retail loca­tion, please email brandon[at]matterdesignstudio[dot]com

Cumulus is a family of designed objects reminiscent of cloud formations—not only for its rhetorical appearance, but for it's capacity to morph, adapt, and change. Clouds are often perceived to cary significance beyond their physical states. While some individual items in the Cumulus family appear as a known type—for instance the pearl—the same system transforms, mutates, multiplies, and evolves into a family of solutions, each producing their own identity within the large family of cloud formations.