Wes McGee

Partner, Matter Design
Assistant Professor & Director of the FABLab, University of Michigan

Cyclopean Cannibalism
Spruce Sauna
Round Room
La Voûte de LeFevre
Villa Malleable
Drawn Dress
Balance Bending
Ply Shelf

Wes McGee is co-founder and partner of Matter Design, and an assistant professor of Architecture and director of the Fabrication Lab at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning. His work revolves around the interrogation of material performance, with a research and teaching agenda focused on developing new connections between design, engineering, materials, and manufacturing processes as they relate to the built environment through the creation of customized software and hardware tools. With the goal of seamlessly integrating fabrication constraints with design intent, the work spans multiple realms, including algorithmic design, computational feedback of material properties, and the development of novel production processes which utilize industrial robots as bespoken machines of architectural production.

Wes frequently presents work at national and international conferences on design and fabrication, and the work of Matter Design was recently featured in the book “PostDigital Artisans” by Jonathan Openshaw (Frame publishers), as well as “Next Progressives” in Architect Magazine. In 2014 he was the co-chair of the Robots in Architecture Conference, and most recently one of the chairs of the 2016 ACADIA conference.